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Margaret Cherubino is a registered Clinical, Counselling & Forensic Psychologist in Perth, Western Australia. She has completed a Master of Psychology degree in Counselling Psychology and undertaken various training including a 2 year course in Family Therapy.  She has become known for her work in the assessment and treatment of children, individuals, couples and families.

She has been appointed in over 200 cases in the capacity of a Single Expert Witness in the Family Court (providing comprehensive family report) and in the Children’s Court in care and protection applications.

Her work with respect to relationship separation promotes strategies in effective co-parenting post separation, parenting strategies in general and assisting the adjustment of adults and children after separation.  She also provides assistance to children and parents who are estranged towards reunification.

Margaret together with colleagues provide the Family Bridges Program available for severely alienated and abducted children.  She has also developed a program for children who have been mildly to moderately alienated from their significant others.

Margaret’s experience extends to working with a range of issues including mental health issues in adults, adolescents and children and interpersonal relationship issues whether they be for couples, parents and children, between family members or co-workers.

Her experience extends to working with diverse cultural, religious and spiritual groups and issues. She has worked as a FIFO psychologist in the Pilbara and is familiar with the issues present for FIFO workers and those living in rural and remote areas of the state.